Individual Therapy Fees

The rate for a 50-minute individual session is $100.  Please note that there will be a raise in rates in 2019 for all new clients.  

Couples Therapy Fees

Couples therapy is best done when additional time is allowed for both partners to talk and for there to be enough space to honor the kind of concerns that may arise in a relationship.  Because of this, couples sessions are 100 minutes in length at the rate of $200 per session. Please note that there will be a raise in rates in 2019 for all new clients.  

All payments are due by the end of the session.  Cash, check, and credit cards (including health savings account cards, but please see note below) are accepted.

Group Rates 

Group rates are set based on group-by-group basis.  See more about group rates at

Reduced Rates

If you do not have resources for therapy, you are still welcome to reach out.  Scholarships are also available as possible based on need and availability. First sessions are always at full rate.  Please contact me to find out more about these options.  I’m also always happy to offer names of other therapists as appropriate or possible.

Regarding Health Insurance and HSA/FSA Reimbursements

I do not provide in-network services for health insurance.  I can provide you with a monthly invoice that you can provide to your insurance or health savings account provider for reimbursement.  Depending upon the requirements of your provider, therapy services with me may be covered in full or in part. Please check your coverage of mental health benefits and reimbursement needs, including those regarding health savings accounts

For cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance or if you do not show up for your appointment, you are responsible for the full appointment fee.